Earl Grey Tea Capsules

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10 Nespresso compatible capsules filled with the finest quality of tea. Earl Grey tea is a blend of black tea flavoured with bergamot, best enjoyed hot. The tea is flavoured with a fresh citrus smell and a velvety taste to enjoy at any time of day, natural or with a teaspoon of sugar or honey. 

Ingredients: Black Tea with bergamot

100% Compostable Capsules


10粒兼容奈斯派索嘅膠囊,裝滿最優質的茶。 伯爵茶係用佛手柑調味嘅紅茶混合物,最好熱飲。 茶的味道帶有新鮮的柑橘味和天鵝絨般的味道,可以在一天中的任何時間享用,天然或用一茶匙糖或蜂蜜享用。