English Breakfast Tea Capsules

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10 Nespresso compatible capsules filled with the finest quality of tea. English breakfast is the traditional blend of full-bodied and persistent tea taste, made of the best quality of black tea Assam, and Ceylon. Perfect to have at breakfast or for an afternoon tea break, in line with English tradition.


Ingredients: Black Tea Assam and Ceylon
100% Compostable Capsules

10粒兼容奈斯派索嘅膠囊,裝滿最優質的茶。 英式早餐係傳統融合咗濃郁同持久嘅茶味,由最優質嘅紅茶阿萨姆邦同錫蘭製成。 非常適合在早餐或下午茶休息時享用,符合英國傳統。