LIFE - Nespresso compatible

LIFE - Nespresso® compatible capsule

10 Capsules/ box, each of ground Coffee

Coffee with Hemp seeds infused

Benefits of hemp seeds: Hemp seeds are a complete protein and contain antioxidants, fiber, omega 3, and 6. They are one of natures' superfoods supporting health and well being, life antioxidants

  • Ground coffee (90% Arabica, 10% Robusta)
  • Hemp seeds, 10% 
  • Harvested in Europe
  • No THC according to European Law
  • 100% Vegan, May contain gluten
  • No GMO, artificial flavors, added sugars
  • Packaging in a modified atmosphere
  • Produced in Italy

Incorporate this coffee blend into your demanding everyday schedule and enjoy a cup that supports balancing your mind, body, and spirit

Premium roasted ground Coffees with hemp, that provided more proven daily benefits than regular coffee blends

®Nespresso, trademark belongs to a third party and is in no way associated with Caffè Perfetto® brand.

Strength 5/10


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