Tè al Limone Dolce Gusto compatible

"Tè al Limone, a lemon tea soluble drink, compatible with Dolce Gusto machines.

Ingredients: sugar, 2.6% tea extract, acidifier, dehydrated lemon juice 0.3%, Aromas. May contain traces of milk or milk products.

12g/capsule, 12 capsules/box "

"Tè al Limone
一種檸檬茶可溶性飲料,與 Dolce Gusto 機器兼容。

成分:糖、2.6% 茶提取物、酸化劑、0.3% 脫水檸檬汁、香精。 可能含有微量的牛奶或奶製品。


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